Here in the town of Røros, we produce the world’s most beautiful throws.

We have employed machine production since 1953, but our weaving traditions are hundreds of years old.

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Our cold mountain climate has made wool an essential part of our lives. Røros’ soul was knitted and spun from socks, homespun cloth and warm clothing. It binds us together. Wool has kept us warm – and kept us together.

In the 70s, we crafted Røros Tweed into national costume fabrics, wool curtains and upholstery fabrics. We will always remain true to our craftsmanship roots.

But the 90s introduced us to new possibilities. Modern technology and a brand-new range of machinery enabled us to think out of the box. We wanted to make products that could be experienced. That achieved more than keeping you warm. That could be enjoyed and put on display.

And so began our focus on throws – into which we wanted to weave Trønderlag’s aesthetic beauty, Røros’ magical mountains and our forest-clad valleys. All made with pure, Norwegian wool.

And that’s where we are today. With a passion for craftsmanship – and an eye for design.

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Lookbook 2021

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Norwegian wool

Since 1940 Røros Tweed has produced high-quality wool products, based on centuries-old local craft traditions. All of our products are made of Norwegian wool and are entirely produced in Norway from raw wool to finished product.

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